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Creative Horsepower Delivered©

We don't disguise ourselves as being a different brand design agency, hopefully our track record speaks for itself. First and foremost, we describe ourselves as branding practitioners.

As seasoned creative and strategic consultants with a portfolio of diverse clients, we have created corporate identities and designed communications long enough to know how to unlock brand potential. Whether you are a not-for-profit organisation, start-up or commercial global entity.

Brand application is the life-source of any identity. It's the natural habitat for brands to coexist with the outside world to prompt response and connect with your audience. The totality of communications influences the way in which your audience perceive you.

We fulfill all aspects of implementation from print to exhibition builds, website to packaging - to ensure standards are maintained.

What we achieve for all our clients is far more than just skin deep. We call it having the Creative Horsepower to propel your brand.

If this is the right time for you, speak to Andrew Savvides, Founder and Brand Design Director at Andrew Hamlet.


Creative Horsepower Delivered

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