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Fishers Gin is distilled in the coastal region of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK. The use of medieval ingredients of rare old English herbs and botanicals found along the Suffolk coast, makes this gin a truly unique and desirable spirit, not only for the connoisseur.

Our commission included redrawing their Fishers logotype to improve the visual balance and readability of the logotype, whilst further enhancing the characterful letterforms. And, to create a more distinctive marque for the product and business.

The 'scallop' symbol was inspired by the beach sculpture at Aldeburgh by Maggi Hambling. Our rendition was proudly presented to Maggi and was met with her approval.

We then provided extensive brand implementation guidelines to accompany the various artwork formats.

As part of the branding and house-keeping strategy, we were also tasked with redesigning the product bottle labels for a wider range and grade of gins. The outcome now reflects the proposition to be recognised as the 'Authentic Coastal Spirit'.



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